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Our team conducts a couple of quality check before we deliver any reports to make sure it meets the quality of service that we promote.

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About Us

We are the team silently working behind big local seo agency’s back.

We provide services that relates to Local Citation; from Citation Audit, Competitor’s Citation Sources Research, Citation Building and Citation Cleanup.

Citation Intro

Citation is a mention of Business Name, Address, Phone or Website to other sites. It can be from local directory, event site, forum, article and etc. Citation is one of the ranking factor for businesses that want to rank locally on search engine results page.

Citation can make or break your business if done wrong. So make sure you know all the factors to make sure you create a quality citation profile.

Some of the many important components are:

  • Domain Authority
  • Crawled by search engines
  • Structured NAP
  • Quality and Relevance

Citation Building

Citation Audit

Citation Cleanup

Citation Sources Research

Our Process

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Our Services

Citation Audit

  • Manual audit using Google Advanced Search Operator
  • Automated audit using scraper tools
  • Detailed Reporting


NOTE: Pending profiles will be replace if did not turn live after 2 weeks *no extra charges

Citation Cleanup

  • No Upfront payment
  • Pay for results
  • 70% Target cleanup rate
  • Detailed Reporting


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