What to consider when hiring an SEO agency


Doing an SEO campaign for your business alone is an ‘almost’ impossible thing to do. At the same time, you may be reluctant to hire an SEO agency as a lot of agencies will only do trashy work for your business that may result to algo or manual penalties. While those who have reputable names are pretty expensive, that makes it an impractical choice for small business owners. Looking for a few characteristics that an SEO agency may possess is a bit tricky. But it may lead you in finding an affordable, reliable, dependable SEO agency and will give you an incredible return of your investment.

If you still have questions why you should hire an SEO agency, let’s put it this way. For a fact that you can’t do this campaign alone, we now have two (2) options here. Hire someone full-time or leverage independent contractors to handle the bulk of your work. While each of these options has quality, full-time workers tend to be more expensive than contracting with an agency, though you do get more control over how they spend their time. Quality contractors on the other hand, are typically the least expensive option but are hard to find and hard to manage.

What to look for:

You want an agency that can give you the best results and the easiest working experience these qualities are an absolute musts:

  1. Updated on latest trends and updates.

In SEO, changes are constant and normal phenomena. So you will need an SEO agency that’s able to keep up with the latest trends. If they’re still using tactics that were only effective years ago, you aren’t going to see much in the way of results. Pay attention to how up-to-date your chosen agency’s strategies are. Ask some critical questions about their procedures and tactics to make sure.

  1. Experience in multiple areas.

SEO agency differs from one another. There are generalist, which offers you services in multiple categories, such as on-site content writing, on-site optimization, and link building. Some are specialist, which are specialized on-site optimizers or link builders. They’re not a bad choice, not at all. But as we know, SEO is a complex and multifaceted strategy. If your agency only has experience in one area, they may have a hard time connecting that area to all of the other significant SEO realms.

  1. Transparency.

This is the most important quality to look for when building trust with an agency. Pay attention to how open they are when it comes with basic information. Are they honest about any risks or setbacks that might be involved within the whole process? How they do their work? Are they focused on making steady progress toward long-term gains rather than trying to sell you on a large package as fast as a lightning at once?

  1. Back and Forth Communication.

SEO requires an open communication, so look for an agency with which you’re able to communicate smoothly without any hassle. They have to be available when you call them up for every question or problem you may have.  If they’re going to produce content and optimize your site, they have to listen to you very carefully to be able to accurately characterizes and benefit your brands.  Speak with the account manager you’ll be working with if you can, and see how well they communicate with you.

  1. Verified and Established Background.

It’s always a good idea to look at an SEO agency’s previous clients and past references. A credible work history is a solid proof that your chosen agency is one worth doing business with.

Major Red Flags to look for:

False promises. Nothing in SEO can be guaranteed. It takes time, research, effort, and a bit of luck to see positive results early and it doesn’t stop there, further refinement and tweaking are necessary to keep that momentum going. Any promise of speedy growth is probably a lie. It is actually a lie folks.

Hard to reach out.  If you have difficulty getting in touch with the agency of your choice or if it takes a long time for them to respond to your emails, or if there’s no phone number to call – move on and walk away. To have an effective campaign, you need an open communication.

Pricing Issue. High or low pricing have different impacts. Either it’s too cheap or the work is likely do more harm than good on your business, or too expensive and you will a very hard time seeing a positive return on investment.

No references. If an agency of your choice refuses to provide references or can’t name any clients, it’s a red flag. See if you can find any reviews of the agency online.

Choosing between too many options isn’t easy, but there are a handful of reliable, respectable options out there. If you keep these traits in mind and look long enough, you’ll find a partner who can get you the results that you need within your budget. Think of it like relationship not a product purchase. You’ll be working with this agency for a month or even years so you have to keep your priorities and rely on how you’ll work together.

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